The Phenomenon of Eternal Existence


The given monograph is devoted to the description of a novel put forward by the author on information principles lying at the basis of human consciousness and the presentation of some serious world outlook conceptions resulting from the suggested hypothesis. The ideas presented are comprehensible enough both for a bulk of readers and specialist as well.

The monograph has an introduction, six chapters, an epilogue, illustrations and a list of references. Here is the contents of the work chapter after chapter.

1.      Do not come to the Mount too closely (instead of the introduction)

аЦ Our topic is immortality. Ц How to take the book. Ц The guidebook. Ц Gratitude.

2.      Hand in hand with religion

аЦ The concept of immortality. Ц A gainless lottery. Ц Weak лpoints╗. Ц What does religion say on this? Ц Wonderworld. Ц LetТs get down to meditation. Ц Essential features. Ц Something on the prefix лre-╗. Ц Is immortality лa la materialism╗ possible? Ц On some vital metamorphoses. Ц A naïve, but puzzling question. Ц ManТs copy. Ц From the abstract to the real Ц one step. Ц лPreparing╗ consciousness. Ц The geometry lesson with a physics bias.

In the chapter the author briefly outlines the immortality concept as it is presented in Christianity and Buddhism. The essence of these concepts, their essential differences and inconsistence with materialistic world outlook are revealed. Then comes the time of a new abstract materialistic immortality model suggested by the author with definite bonds of the new model with some elements of Buddhism traced. At the same time some introductory considerations on the modelТs ties with human consciousness are given as well.

3.      A step to the Abstract

аЦ We are for the information approach. Ц The modelТs evolution. Ц Was there word at the beginning? Ц Long way to consciousness. Ц An introductory mathematics lesson. Ц Brain and algorithm.

The possibility of the information approach set out in the previous chapter to be applied for investigation purposes is put forward here. Then a possible evolution trend of the information models provided by their inner structural logic is touched upon. A comparison of the model evolution stages and living matter evolution is made, with definite correlation between them noted. The novel information concept is found to be a result of interrelations between functioning various natural objects. The algorithmic nature of brain functioning is then reviled.

4.      The key to the hidden gate.

аЦ The лTuring machine╗ stop. Ц How it works. Ц The introspect language. Ц Brain and the Turing machine. Ц Beginning to classify the models. Ц Self-applicability or the classification to be continued. Ц Coming back to self-applicability. Ц Two processes. Ц Tribute to the difficult moment. Ц What we see and what we choose. Ц A side effect. Ц Eulogy on self-applicability. Ц A niche for the God. Ц Resume for nonspecialists.

The author makes attempts to prove his statement that the Turing machine could be taken as a conceptual model of animal and human brain. The machine being specialized in the former case and universal in the latter one. These modelТs properties are shown to be in good agreement with some features of animal behavior and human consciousness. Then the self-applicability model is defined. And last point of the chapter is the hypothesis that the general modelТs self-applicability is a modelТs analogue of some real-time process lying at the basis of human consciousness.

5.      A side phenomenon.

аЦ Two links of the chain. Ц лAn analogy╗ to light. Ц Go to the right, go to the left. Ц LetТs flow aside. Ц лFlat-faced╗ mammals. Ц The disappointing conclusion. Ц Random variety. Ц The sole language of human beings. Ц An analogy to a TV set repairing shop. Ц Three simple experiments Ц Is it possible to find the trace? Ц Alpha rhythm? Ц Justified suppositions. Ц My, these idealistsЕ Ц We donТt know any other consciousness. Ц What we cannot do.

Having analyzed the properties of the algorithmic models, this done above, the author sets out the idea of special structure of human consciousness, the ego of man. To prove the concept numerous quotations by various authors, results of live matter evolution and besides some experimental data on brain studies are presented.

6.      A Frozen Millionaire Paradox.

аЦ Give me a bit of your brain. Ц An important statement. Ц When our ego vanishes. Ц What antinomy is. Ц Two persons from X-ray cabin. Ц The author makes a concession. Ц A bit more details about reincarnation. Ц Do we need a soul? Ц Remembering the dreamer of Kaluga. Ц Listening to other opinions. Ц A master key. Ц A flock of лblue birds╗. Ц A lyrical stepaside.

Here the concept of the properties of series and parallel similarity of the self-applicability process is offered. The effort is made to spread these properties to brain and in case such a transfer is valid the problems of nonexistence and eternal existence can acquire a new but nevertheless materialistic interpretation. Besides the notion of subjective non-personal immortality is introduced noting up the fact that the existence of the phenomenon though on a different basis was earlier suggested by other authors, Tsiolkovsky among them.

7.      A peace line.

аЦ A bit of cybernetics. Ц Making courtesies. Ц My, these materialistsЕ Ц What or who IТll лbe╗ after my death. Ц Two beginnings. Ц лThou shanТt murder╗.

The chapter shows that in religion as well as in so called idealistic philosophy doctrines devoted to human consciousness and immortality, there are rational moments now fully rejected by the official science. While limitations of some materialistic teaching points on death and immortality are also pointed out. The author constructs a hypothetical materialistic лreincarnation╗ model. At last some points of social role of the eternal existence phenomenon are mentioned.

8.      WeТll look and die and see. (epilogue for a sceptic)

аЦ Final summing up. Ц Repetition is the mother of learning. Ц Three trials.

Here the crucial moments of the book are listed again and each in turn is briefly outlined and justified.


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